Fox News Wins 2013 Ratings, But Do They Have Influence?

Fox News Wins ratings war in 2013, over other cable news programs, but, do they really have any influence?

Fox News ratings beat competitors combined
3 hours ago (VARIETY) — Fox News Channel maintained its grip on the cable-news network ratings prize in 2013, drawing more viewers than the 

Now, I watch Fox News and am part of the statistics, however, looking at the outcomes of Obamacare, the progressive government movement and now passing a Veteran cutting budget, it looks they do not have any influence on the country as a whole.

Watching different primetime shows, (O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta), make believe conservatives they have a fighting chance. But the current administration and liberal agenda, shows an opposite in beliefs.

This tells me A) The ones that need to be influenced, are not watching Fox News, but rather the latest shock reality series or competition shows. Or B) The ones watching Fox during prime time, are looking to see who or what the ‘other-side’ is reacting to the latest liberal laws, put into action.

My opinion, Fox News does not have influence on any votes or changing belief systems of the American people.

What do you think?