If The Wealth Of The Wicked Is Stored Up For The Just, Then Why Are You So Broke? Part 1

Those of us that have been in Christian circles, longer than 10 years have heard that there would be a great transfer of wealth coming to the “righteous”, according to Proverbs 13: 22 (Amp) (‘…and the wealth of the sinner (finds its way eventually) into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up).

So why are so many people barely getting by, if not, facing being homeless, especially in America? I believe part of the answer is that people have never been taught “how to get the wealth” that is stored up for them.

Preachers, evangelists, teachers and prophets, have all said at one time or another, that God would pour out His blessings upon you, in such a powerful way, you won’t have room to contain it, (which most people, including myself, believed that in would be in the form of cash and checks).

For years, I heard the same message, and got excited just like you, believing “This is going to be the week it happens!” or “I’m going to get that raise or promotion, I been waiting for…today!” And we get all pumped up that Sunday morning, having enough faith to even raise the dead, only to find the opposite circumstances come crashing in on Monday morning.

Suddenly, you find yourself being “passed over” for that promotion you were expecting. Or you didn’t get that job you needed. Or lost that contract you were bidding on. Or something major breaks in your home or on your car, that would strap your finances for the next 3 months! Has that happened to you or I’m I the only one?

Even after hearing, “…the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the just..” and that you’re going to get financial prosperity beyond your imagination? How does that make you feel after hearing a great message of breakthrough and prosperity, only to face hardship the next day?

When that happened to me, (in the beginning), my level of faith and excitement was high enough to overcome it, and say, “It’ll be better tomorrow.” Or “God has something better for me.” Etc. you get the picture. We tend to rationalize the things we don’t understand.

After awhile, you begin to believe, “Well, maybe it was for that person, or that one, but not me.” Or you just begin to doubt period! I mean think about it, it’s true, if there are 100 people in a service, odds are at least 1 person is going to experience “financial prosperity”, after the service.

Now, don’t get me wrong, as I’m telling you this, I still believe God’s Word is true and will stand over everything, but I feel “man” gets in there and distorts His word and takes things out of context.

In the past, preachers were saying, “This is the year of Abundance!” or “This is the year of Overflow!” Or “This is the year of Jubilee!”. Well, how many of you experienced those years of riches and debt freedom?

I’d say most of the preachers and evangelists saw financial explosions in their ministries in those years, because they told us what we wanted to hear. They gave us hope and in return, we gave them an offering. So, now their ministries are debt free…coincidence?

Do I regret giving in those ministries? No, not at all. In fact, I did see some “instant rewards” from my giving, but I wasn’t giving to a “man”, but a cause. I was giving into the kingdom and believe God would convict those that didn’t use that money for the cause. God will not be mocked!

Anyway, I believe the number one reason that people have not received there financial abundance, is because they we’re never taught how to get it.

Sure, you were told from the pulpit, that you need to give, in order to receive and you need to live “right” towards God and people, but that’s only half of the story.

In part two, I’m going to discuss, in detail the other half of the story, that you need to “create, produce, build and multiply”, in order to get the “wealth”.

We live in the “world system”, which is a system, designed to oppress, depress, tear down, stagnate, over bill, over tax, over spend, and take from anyone at anytime, so you can not get ahead in life.

For example, how many times have you received a bonus check, from the government or your work place? You were counting on that check to go towards your vacation (a time of peace and relaxation), only to find out your transmission is out in your car, and it’s going to cost you more than your bonus check to cover the expense? It could have been the washer and dyer, the leaky roof, the child’s sickness or whatever.

The world system is designed to keep people oppressed. My goal, has always been to break free of the “system”, so I’m not subjected to the “system’s rules”. What does that mean? It’s means taking control of your destiny and creating enough wealth for you, your family, and your “neighbor”, so you would never have lack or ask the government for help.

Please read part two, for the rest of the story… How you can win at beating the “world system” and receiving the wealth that is stored up for you.

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