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I don’t know about you, but if I was a medical or legal professional, I wouldn’t want to pay over $1,000 every month for pay per click with limited results. Sure, you can track your results, change headlines around to do better on the search engines, however, with so many algorithms, Google uses, your ad could be at the bottom of the heap and still pay that much for unqualified leads.

Pay per click in my opinion, is a waste of money, after my experience with losing my weekly budget in a day. Pay per click fraud is as bad as Criagslists’ happy flaggers, which like to flag every ad that comes into sight.

Let’s take this example, you pay for a search engine optimist and they work on your keywords and put the into Google ads. They put the heavy traffic keywords in the headlines, which bring the traffic, but fails to convert the visitors, thus, costs website owners thousands of dollars every month.

Now for some, using pay per click is valuable, (if you have money to burn), and you want to test a product or service, to see if it will fly. Some Internet professionals use PPC to build their lists and hope to make the money on the back end. This means you’re putting the money up front and waiting for the harvest later. Most don’t have the money to burn or waiting for the ‘list’ to respond, with a credit card.

Remember, most consumers have to see something seven times, before taking action. If one person clicks on your ad, that costs $5 per click, will cost you $35 for one person, deciding whether or not to buy your service. What’s worse is your competition clicking on your ads.

Why take the risk of losing money, when you can gain higher ranking and faster conversions, by using video marketing. Online video marketing is the fastest growing, form of Internet marketing, with the highest form of Return Of Investment (ROI).

It’s Quick and Easy to make a video and Youtube even has a place to make your videos online, without any high tech equipment or experience. However, you need to syndicate your videos all across you’re the Internet, so you can get more exposure.

That’s were we come in. Watch this video to see how we made #2 position on Google, for a popular keyword and it was in 6 hours!