Marketing Planning Workshop

The Marketing Plan, is one of the most important plans of the business. If you do not have one, you will not be able to be able to know, how you are going to generate cashflow and sell your products.

My experiences, in building businesses, creating a marketing plan was always a fun ‘brainstorming session’, to help come up with all the creative ideas, I can, in order, to bring my products or services to the market.

It’s a fundamental part of any business and needs to be thought out properly, otherwise, you will be chasing the wind, and wasting your marketing budget.  You have to know what types of marketing are you going to do. For Example: Online marketing vs offline marketing, Mobile marketing vs SEO marketing. Each of these tactics, need to have consideration and have a ROI (return of investment) system, in order, to test your results, against certain benchmarks.

Below is a Marketing Planning  Workshop, that deals with planning, in it’s basic form.

<strong>Marketing</strong> <strong>Planning</strong> WorkshopMarketing Planning Workshop
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An overview of our Marketing Planning Workshop 101

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