McDonald’s Famous Bait And Switch


So, I pull in to McDonald’s the other day, wondering what to get and saw they had a “new” jalapeno burger and decided to get it and try it out.

Looking from the picture, I figured, why not. After waiting ten minutes, (with the engine running), in the drive thru, my order of jalapeno burger and small fries and strawberry smoothie came out. Seemed like an eternity, especially, when I said to myself,”hmm, I’ll go to the drive-thru and it’ll be quicker.” WRONG!

Anyway, I drive down the road, get ready to eat and this is what I get….I haphazard, slapped together piece of meat, with some wierd sauce and a coulple jalapenos on it. Disgusting.


So, why do we continue to give them business? Quick? Not! Tasty? No. Cheap? Maybe. What do you think?

Oh, and fast food workers are protesting for higher wages? Are you kidding? For giving their customers crap? Not getting the orders right. Not providing the basics, like ketchup, napkins and the correct order? Far from it!