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Thousands Laid Off…Are You Next?

Numbers don't lie and if "Corporate America" does make their bottom line, someone's going home. I have experienced corporate buy outs, mergers and hostile takeovers and they ALL mean, layoffs!

Happy Veterans Day! 850,000 Vets Unemployed This Holiday Season!

Something For Veterans. So many (850,000) unemployed. Are you an unemployed vet or spouse of a veteran? Special Discounts For 850,000 Out-Of-Work Veterans.

Veteran Support On Veterans’Day. 11-11-11

According to a recent survey, on a military website, there are 850,000 veterans out-of-work. If you are part of that number, you need to jump in and find out, what opportunities are open for you online. Vets Need Opportunity.

My Close To Home Experience During Unemployment!

Overdue Invoice

Most important thing is to generate income to pay those lousy bills. I worked 4 jobs at one time to keep the lights on. After a $25,000 unpaid debt, due to corporate espionage, my company barely made it!