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Latest Trends in Mobile Video Advertising By Alice Shown

Facebook alone has 300 million users (as per Dec, 09) with Twitter constantly challenging them with similar attractive numbers. Almost a quarter of the total Facebook users connect through the mobile phone. With such a huge numbers, advertisement options have

Mobile Marketing – Will Mobile Drive More In-Store Sales Than Salespeople This Holiday Season? By Scott Metcalfe

The Top 5 Mobile Holiday Assets You Need to Get Started on NOW There's not a whole lot of time, so here are the Top 5 high-impact mobile assets you should be focusing on in order to get the most impact

Text Mobile Marketing By Jim Ecina Anderson

Text Mobile Marketing is one way for businesses to increase loyalty and it's far more effective than the traditional ways of advertising your business. Because customers opt-in to receive your texts, you don't have wasted advertising budgets.

Who Recalls the Most Mobile Ads?

There was little difference in mobile ad recall between men and women, with females just 1 percentage point more likely to say they remembered a mobile ad.