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McDonald’s Famous Bait And Switch


So, I pull in to McDonald's the other day, wondering what to get and saw they had a "new" jalapeno burger and decided to get it and try it out.

Fox News Wins 2013 Ratings, But Do They Have Influence?

Fox News Wins ratings war in 2013, over other cable news programs, but, do they really have any influence? Fox News ratings beat competitors combined 3 hours ago … (VARIETY) — Fox News Channel maintained its grip on the

New Patriotic Poll

Do you feel more patriotic 9-11-11 or 9-11-01?

Remember When…1969 Flashback

This was flashback in 1969. Paul Newman In The "Winning" , Opposite Joanne Woodward. Miss America "Judith Ford" Illinois Sears was selling diamonds. Gas $.35 per gallon