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21 Social Media Predictions and Trends for 2011 By: Erik Qualman

21 Social Media Predictions And Trends 2011 Facebook, Twitter, mobile marketing, Google changes and prediction purchases.

What Are Your Goals For 2011?

It's that time again! The end of the year 2010 and beginning of a new year 2011. A time for reflection and new goals to focus for the next chapter in our lives.

LA Earthquakes, Floods ND, Snow Storms…Is Any Place Safe?

LA Earthquakes, ND Flooding, is there anyplace safe in the US?

20 Things To Expect When You Are Unemployed!

If you have are a victim to the worst economy in years, and are unemployed, then you should expect some not so favorable circumstances. When I was unemployed, from my primary source of income, due to a hostile “corporate takeover”,